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About Us

Our Mission

Giving a child a home is a remarkable gift. The Foster SQUAD is here to provide resources to Iowa foster families as they care for our community’s most vulnerable children.

Our Vision

For Iowa foster families to feel supported, heard and respected.

Our Founders

Our Mission

Krista Fuller

FS Traci.jpg

Traci Schermerhorn

Our Board of Directors

  • Kate Pauly, Vice President

  • Angi Bright, Treasurer

  • Cherish Taylor, At-Large Director

  • Malea Trainer, At-Large Director

  • Amy Murray, At-Large Director

  • Jenn Burton, At-Large Director

Our Team

  • Tricia Nikkel, Foster Parent Liaison

  • Aimee Sosa, Administrative Support

  • Lance Sobaski, Marketing Intern

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